Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Math Libs!

Another snow day here in small town Kentucky!  I have spent my snowy morning snuggling my little one and working on this Valentine's Day activity for my Math students.  I made a Math Libs activity for my students to practice Mean, Median, Mode, and Range at the beginning of the year; and they absolutely LOVED it!  (You can check it out here if you'd like)  I was trying to think of something for us to do on Valentine's day that they would enjoy, but would still have them practicing skills we have learned this year.  So, I decided to do a Valentine's Day themed Math Lib to review some of the most important things we have learned so far (Numerical Expressions, Place Value, Powers of 10, Decimals, and Fractions).

This is a centers-type activity, where students move to each group and solve a problem to fill in a blank of their Math Lib.  At the end of the activity, they will have solved a problem from each of the 5 categories.  I can't wait to hear the Valentine's Day love stories they end up with at the end of the activity! (The students love them because they are about teachers or adults in your building... in this case a male teacher in your building :)

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  1. I love madlibs! I've not seen them with math before though! Very cool
    Learning to be awesome

  2. Thanks for following! I will get this emailed to you by tomorrow afternoon :)