Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow Day #6 for us and a Literacy Freebie

Well we are on snow day number 6 today due to black ice on the roads.  So now our three day weekend has now become a four day weekend.  Our school district has already taken away two days we were supposed to be closed in February so unless we have snow days we are in it for the long haul until Spring Break.  My 5th grade reading classes are working hard on text structures at the moment and I am fixing to use my first 5th grade unit that covers text structures and comparing them with a snow theme.  Click the pic below to check it out on TPT and purchase.
I will give this unit away to the second commenter!

Even though we are knee deep in informational text, I am continually trying to review Common Core Literature standards with my 5th graders.  So this little Valentine's Day Common Core Literacy Freebie is going to definitely come in handy for our review.  Hopefully you can find it useful too!  It includes a fictional passage, 5 question comprehension printable, and a figurative language printable.  Click the pic below to go pick this up for free in my store.

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  1. I guess no one wants to be the First one to comment. I am a new follower. I teach 4th grade. I am anxious to read more about your classrooms.

    1. You know that is true. How about the first two commenters? Since you were nice enough to get it started. Thanks for following!

  2. This couldn't be more perfect for next week's lessons!