Classroom Tours

Welcome to Annie's 5th grade Technology- themed Classroom!

First up is my hallway wall to display student work.  

The wall by the door that houses many of our supplies, hand sanitizer bottles, Boy and Girl Bathroom passes (Thanks Melissa!), and my lollipop tree.  Also my Extended Response rubric poster I created and poster printed through Staples.

My HALL acronym above my door for hallway procedures.

My iPhone Procedure Posters- I spent a good majority of my summer making these things, but I LOVE how they turned out!

 My iPad Boggle Board for early finishers and my Classroom Twitter feed which was a freebie found on TPT.

My iPAD bulletin board that my husband and I slaved over to cut and create then hot glue to a wall.  It looks great with students work on it now!

Computer screen bulletin board titled to house all of our Social Studies content for each unit.

The back wall

We Like 4's display (spin off of Facebook) for extended responses that score a 4 to be displayed on.

The front wall- My procedure posters, whiteboard, and my beautiful chevron border

 Language Arts word wall, CRAFT board (also a freebie),  and Smartboard

Hand signals on my wall from The Clutter Free classroom

My desk area which is clean.  It has not looked like this since school started!

Thanks for visiting my classroom!

Welcome to Melissa's Camping Themed Classroom!

I have this sign posted right outside my classroom for parents to scan and download my info.  I saw this in Pinterest a long time ago, but have no idea where the idea originated now.

This is my hall display where I hang student work.  It says, "We're Camping Out in 5th Grade...  Where Learning is "In-Tents""

This is another picture of the hall outside my classroom.

Here is my HALL Acronym above the door.  We always go over this every time we leave the room for the first several weeks of school.  I like having my hall procedures above the door as a constant reminder :)  This is also available in my TpT store if you would like it for your classroom (can be used with any color scheme).  Click here to check it out!

This is the wall across from the door. My wonderful husband made me this awning!  

This is a close up of the bulletin board (not a real bulletin board, it is actually just brown fabric and border hot glued to the wall... shhhh!) beside the window.  These are 2 of my Early Finisher Stations that my kids can go to if they finish their work early.  The Challenge Cove station is a different challenge question (subject areas rotate) each week.  This is available in my TpT store as well, just click here.  The Famous Americans in History is also a great way to keep students busy with Social Studies.  I purchased this from Nicole Shelby here.

I also purchased these hand signals on TpT.  They have been such a wonderful procedure in my classroom.  This is one procedure I would never think of changing!  If you have never tried using hand signals, I highly recommend them.  The only thing is that you have to be very firm about them at first.  Students will try to get away with not using them, but if you keep redirecting them they will get the hang of it and it will save you a lot of time throughout the year.  For example, if I am helping a student and another student on the opposite side of the room wants to ask me to use the restroom, he or she just holds up 1 finger.  I can see the signal and simply nod my head yes, there is no distraction of them asking or me answering, and can continue with what I am doing without having to walk across the room to take care of this routine "business".

Speaking of "business", these are my restroom passes :)  My restroom procedure is that students give the hand signal and once I nod for them to go, they get the pass and put it on their desk before going to the restroom.  This way I know who is gone at any given time.  Once they return, they put the pass back and get one pump of sanitizer.  I tell them at the beginning of the year that this is not a substitution for washing their hands in the restroom!  I do like knowing, however, that this helps keep some germs out of our room from those who don't wash hands in the restroom.

This is the front of my room.  My wonderful hubby also made this teepee which I brought with me when I moved from 1st to 5th Grade!

Here is my wall to display student work in the classroom.

Rather than put a load of junk in the small boxes above my cubbies (as I have always done in the past), I decided to make these more purposeful for the students by creating these American History Displays in each of them.  I used different colors of fabric for each one, and each display moved chronologically through American History.  I have also taken down my primary Word Wall Trees (what was I thinking moving these from 1st to 5th!) this year, and I have added huge brown felt boards above each display to hang vocabulary words.  I will post a picture of these soon.

The first box, is my Native American Display:

Early Exploration and Settlement:

Revolutionary War and Government:

Industrialization and 20th Century:

I also used $1 picture frames from the dollar tree and scrapbook paper to create these mini-dry erase boards that are between my White Board and the door.

Front of the room (this year I put my Birthday Bugs in storage and changed this area to my new Math Word Wall)

 Thanks for visiting my classroom!  I hope you got a few ideas, and I hope to be adding some updated photos soon!


  1. Both of your rooms are super cute! I love both themes!! I'd love to know where you got the stuff that you put in your history boxes.
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. Thanks! I ordered some of the things in the boxes online, and picked some up at random places, but most of it came from Hobby Lobby.